Ballet Improvers


  • intermediate to (semi-) professional

What should I be able to do for this profile?

  • demonstrate precognition in Ballet or contemporary technique
  • show quick apprehension

What should I be interested in?

  • improving ballet skills
  • improving expression and flow of movements

What will we work on?

Technical approach: Usual order of ballet classes. We will have a bar and in the centre of the room, tendus, adagio, small and big jumps.

Artistic approach: This is a classical ballet profile and we will follow the rules of classical ballet.  However, I come from a contemporary background and I like to keep movements flowing.  We will be working on lines, focus, flow of movements and natural strong expression. Ballet is beautiful and true beauty is never superficial, so let us search deep to find our individual beauty.  I would love to find content rather than only thinking of technique. With clarity and precision – absolutely, but let us find the flowing dance element of ballet.

Where and when will the class take place and how can I pay?

For information on time, location and tickets please visit this page: