Tanztheater from January 2024!

We offer seven regular Tanztheater classes in London.

Tuesdays we have two classes at Morley College (Technique and Performance Group), Wednesdays two classes at The Place (Technique classes for different levels and with Live Music).
Friday evening we have a Ballet class at Morley College.
And then we hire the studios of The Place for two independent classes which are our second Performance Group on a Thursday evening and our 2h Tanztheater Saturdays sessions. 

Note: The first term of 2024 will be disrupted due to a longer project we do in Germany so check the details below. 

Here are all the dates for the term in a compact overview and below you find additional information for each of the classes: 

Tanztheater at Morley College
09 Jan – 19 Mar
14.00 – 16.45 Technique and Improvisation

Tuesdays 16.15 – 18.00 Performance Group 1
(From 20 Feb – 12 Mar, Adrian will lead classes online from Germany)

Adult Dance Courses at The Place
10 Jan – 27 Mar 
Wednesdays 18.30 – 20.00 Beginner Level*
Wednesdays 20.15 – 21.45 Intermediate Level*
(From 21 Feb – 13 Mar, Morena de Leonardis will cover these classes)

Performance Group at The Place
11 Jan – 8 Feb + 07 – 21 Mar 
Thursdays 20.15 – 21.45 Performance Group 2
We have a three week half term, no classes Feb 15/22/29)

Ballet Improvers at Morley College
12 Jan – 22 Mar
Fridays 18.00 19.30 Improver/ Intermediate Level
(Cover teacher from 23 Feb – 15 Mar)

Tanztheater Saturdays in the studios of The Place
13 Jan – 03 Feb + 23 Mar*
Saturdays 16.30 – 18.00/18.30 Technique and Improvisation*

Half term week
:  12 – 18 Feb (no classes during this week)

*Drop in option available 

Tanztheater Performance Groups

We have two Performance Groups.

Morley College
09 Jan – 19 Mar
16.15 – 18.00 every Tuesday
More information here.

The Place
11 Jan – 8 Feb + 07-21 Mar
20.15 – 21.45 every Thursday
More Information here.

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Tanztheater Saturdays 

Buy tickets here: Tickets for Tanztheater Saturdays

Shorter 5 week term | 13 Jan – 03 Feb + 23 Mar

This course is designed to give you the full experience of the Tanztheater approach. Our main focus will be on authenticity and depth using the powerful combination of the unique improvisation approach and the technical aesthetic that creates this subtle and beautiful art form. 
The classes will be open level so anyone from fit beginners ready for a challenge all the way to professional dancers will be welcome to dive into the world and philosophy of Tanztheater. 

Structure of the course

We are flexible as to what the sessions will be focusing on but the plan is as such:

  • First Saturday of each month: Focus on technique
  • Last Saturday of each month: Focus on improvisation and creation
  • All other Saturdays: 1 hour of technique + 1hour of improvisation and creation


We have five tickets to choose from:

  • Full course (£65)
  • Full course concession* (£55)
  • Single class (£15)
  • Single class concession* (£12)

(We trust in your honesty here. If you are a student or have low income, we are there for you. If you can pay the full price, please do)

Refund policy

Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund but you can use classes that you missed due to sickness or other unexpected circumstances for future classes. 

Alternative payment

If you like you can also make a direct bank transfer to:
Name: (Tanztheater) Adrian Look
Bank: Lloyd’s Bank
Sort Code30-96-88
Account number: 33264468

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Tanztheater Beginner and Intermediate Level at The Place

Beginner Level  

Wednesdays 18.30 – 20.00 in Studio 5
Click here for TICKETS
You can enrol for the whole course or drop in on the day. 

This course will have a drop in option so you can either enrol for the term or pay for each class individually.

Level Information:

  • Recommended if you have about a year’s experience in contemporary or if you’re interested in exploring expressivity through movement, or if you have taken Tanztheater Introduction in the Autumn term
  • Developing your dance vocabulary
  • Gradually working towards longer movement phrases
  • Aiming to increase physicality, performativity and musicality

Intermediate Level 

Wednesdays 20.15 – 21.45 in Studio 5

Click here for TICKETS
You can enrol for the whole course or drop in on the day. 

This course will have a drop in option so you can either enrol for the term or pay for each class individually. 

Level Information:

  • Recommended if you have over 3 to 5 years dance experience or have taken the Level 1/2 Tanztheater class for a year or more
  • Focusing on higher level technical abilities
  • Complex movement combinations and a demand on physical fitness
  • Advanced principles of agility, use of weight and focus
  • Adapt your own personal flare

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Tanztheater at Morley College

Tuesdays 14.00 – 15.45  Technique and Improvisation
Tuesdays 16.15 – 18.00  Performance Group

Each term the  Performance Group will work towards a new piece. As always, we will use the Tanztheater approach to tell small and individual stories linked the bigger context of the theme we will choose together. 
You don’t need an extensive dance education to join our Performance Group. We explore expressing states through movement so any interest or experience in physical theatre or acting is enough to join.  
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Ballet at Morley College

Fridays    18.00 – 19.30 Ballet Improvers

All images by Kis Chan or Adrian Look

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Online class to learn – Tanztheater

During the lockdown due to the covid pandemic I created this online class.

Tanztheater is an expressive dance form but is also deeply rooted in technical elements. I filmed these sequences as part of my work for Morley College London but thought it would be nice to share this with those of you who want to get a little inside into the teaching. Below is a breakdown of the video: 

0 – 1.24 Spine warm up explanation
1.25 – 3.45 Spine warm up with music
3.47 – 5.37 Feet warm up with ports de bras explanation
5.38 – 6.56 Feet w. Up with music
6.57 – 8.47 Plie variation explanation
8.48 – 10.20 Plie variation with music
10.21 – 12.22 Flat back with Tendu explanation
12.23 – 13.50 Flat back with Tendu with music
13.51 – 14.55 Gesture combination explanation
14.56 – 15.27 Gesture combination with music
15.28 – 20.14 Choreography 1 explanation
20.15 – 20.43 Choreography 1 with music
20.44 – 26.15 Choreography 2 explanation
26.16 Choreography 2 with music