Classes from September 2021

From September we will finally be back in the studio both at The Place and Morley College. All classes will comply with government rules and will implement all precautions to ensure a safe return to sharing a space freely and safely.

Here are the dates to look forward to:

1 Sept – 1 Dec | Zoom classes

13 Sept – 4 Dec | Adult Dance Courses at The Place

13 Sept – 10 Dec | Dance Courses at Morley College 

Tanztheater Introduction and Open Level at The Place

The term will run from Sept 13 to Dec 4 and both classes will run on Wednesdays.

Introduction course

Wednesdays 6.30 – 8pm in Studio 2
Click here for tickets.
Please note that this course is by enrolment only and will not have the drop in option. This is because it is an Introduction level course. We will have live music in the studio for all classes.

Level Information:

  • Aimed at beginners in Tanztheater, or experienced dancers in other dance forms
  • Cover all the basics of Tanztheater
  • Encourage creativity and physicality
  • Focus on alignment and core strength

Open Level course

Wednesdays 8.15 – 9.45pm in Studio 1
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This course will have a drop in option so you can either enrol for the term or pay for each class individually. 

Level Information:

  • Recommended if you have over at least 1 year of dance experience
  • Focusing on higher level technical abilities
  • Complex movement combinations and a demand on physical fitness
  • Advanced principles of agility, use of weight and focus ​
  • Adapt your own personal flare

We might also re-establish a Performance Group which will create a choreography over the course of ten to twelve weeks. In previous terms we hired the space at The Place. If you are interested in joining please contact 

Tanztheater at Morley College

Starting from Sept 14th
Tuesdays 14.00 – 15.45  Technique and Improvisation
Tuesdays 16.15 – 18.00  Performance Group

The Performance Group usually prepares for a performance evening at one of Morley’s events. This term we will start working on a collaboration with other departments on an Opera called Brainland.
This opera will be developed within the next terms so this term we will focus on the relationship between body, mind and soul. We have some music and pieces of poetry available, created by some of the collaborators, which we can use as a starting point to explore the themes of identity, memory and future. 
As a final showpiece we will either create a video version of our findings or a studio sharing/ performance.
Students from outside of London could still participate given the Online Plus* format this term. 
More about Brainland:
The project is based on four stories from the history of clinical brain science from the first part of the 20th century, stories I researched in detail for my last two visual art and archive projects, exhibited at the museum and archive of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. Two of these stories concern individuals involved in psychosurgery mid century, another the discover of the EEG, in Germany as the Nazis were rising to power. A framing narrative concerns a trip to Oslo by a group of UK neuroscientist in November 1957, transport provided by the US Air force as part of a little known military/neuroscience research collaboration. The dance sections relate to the psychosurgery stories: A group piece based on the work of ‚pioneer‘ of psychosurgery, Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz, and a two header relating to the more destructive procedure that followed it. In writing up his work Moniz provided photographs of 10 of his patients we would like to incorporate. The image below shows a basic model of the suggested staging of this section:
*Classes this term will be offered as Online Plus to have a number of students + the tutor  in the studio AND then some students connecting via online services)
This enables you to join these courses even if you are not physically in London or do not yet want to attend in person. 

Ballet at Morley College

Starting from the week of  Sept 13th
Mondays 18.00 – 19.30 Ballet Beginners
Fridays    18.00 – 19.30 Ballet Improvers
Classes this term will be offered as Online Plus to have a number of students + the tutor  in the studio and then some students connecting via online services)
This enables you to join these courses even if you are not physically in London or do not yet want to attend in person. 

Zoom classes

As we will be back to a full course offer at Morley College and The Place we will change the Saturday Technique class to once a month.

Wednesday Theory | Improvisation classes will continue to run every week and the Saturday Technique classes are now once a month on every first Saturday of each month.

First class back will Wed Sept 1st for the Improvisation class and then
Sat Sept 4th for the technique class. Both classes start at 3pm via Zoom.

Improvisation and Theory
3:00 – 4:30pm
Meeting ID: 845 4028 1955 Passcode: ws6S28

Saturdays (every 1st Sat of the month)
Tanztheater technique
3:00 – 4:30pm
Meeting ID: 815 0645 5474 Passcode: 5821E4


Online class to learn – Tanztheater

During the lockdown due to the covid pandemic I created this online class.

Tanztheater is an expressive dance form but is also deeply rooted in technical elements. I filmed these sequences as part of my work for Morley College London but thought it would be nice to share this with those of you who want to get a little inside into the teaching. Below is a breakdown of the video: 

0 – 1.24 Spine warm up explanation
1.25 – 3.45 Spine warm up with music
3.47 – 5.37 Feet warm up with ports de bras explanation
5.38 – 6.56 Feet w. Up with music
6.57 – 8.47 Plie variation explanation
8.48 – 10.20 Plie variation with music
10.21 – 12.22 Flat back with Tendu explanation
12.23 – 13.50 Flat back with Tendu with music
13.51 – 14.55 Gesture combination explanation
14.56 – 15.27 Gesture combination with music
15.28 – 20.14 Choreography 1 explanation
20.15 – 20.43 Choreography 1 with music
20.44 – 26.15 Choreography 2 explanation
26.16 Choreography 2 with music