Tanztheater Technique – Online Class

Saturday Jan 30th | Tanztheater Technique

New year, new exercises, same love for Tanztheater.

Here is the video of today’s session:

Saturday Dec 5th | Tanztheater Technique

Wonderful last class of the year. Thanks to everyone who has joined throughout the term. We learned and shared a lot and the regular exchange is much appreciated and so important.

We will be back next year but for now I leave you with the final video of 2020.
Stay safe please and I see you all soon.

Also, here is the spotify link with the music we used recently:

Saturday Nov 14th | Tanztheater Technique

Here is today’s video with the first part of the choreography.

Saturday Nov 7th | Tanztheater Technique

New set of exercises for the barre attempting to bring our newly acquired knowledge about the upper body (shoulder) positions to the next level by adding more flow.

Take a look here:

Saturday Oct 31st | Tanztheater Technique

Some variations on the barre and a detailed look at the final choreography with a more refined approach to understanding the musicality of the phrase.

Video here:

Saturday Oct 24th | Tanztheater Technique

Today we started in the centre straight away and cleared more details for the final choreography.

Here is the video:

Saturday Oct 17th | Tanztheater Technique

Today we tried some of the older exercises to see how the recent work on the chest part of our body has changed your perception of already know exercises.

Here is the video:

Saturday Oct 3rd | Tanztheater Technique

Here is the video from today’s session. It just me so sometimes I just look at the students with joy and amazement but it is still good to learn the sequences. :-)

Saturday Sept 26th | Tanztheater Technique

Great to be back after the Summer break.
We worked a lot on the positioning of the upper body and chest to enable movements to happen more easily.

Here is today’s recording of the group including some new exercises at the barre:

Saturday July 18th | Tanztheater Technique

Today’s session comes to you from Germany. 
We have done a completely new barre and repeated Lacrimosa a couple of times. 
Here is the video: 

Saturday July 11th | Tanztheater Technique

Last video from my London home. 
Some variations of the barre exercises and yet another video of the Choreography which is getting better and better. 
Take a look here: 

Saturday July 4th | Tanztheater Technique

Great progress on the choreography today.
Below is the video with very detailed instructions. I only have the grid view version so it is a bit small but I hope you can see enough.

Here is the video:

And here are also two videos of the simplified floor version from my mum.

One without music:https://photos.app.goo.gl/hR3bs4GLsjoUFayV8

And one with: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bodqcSgQbuXtMor77

Saturday June 27th | Tanztheater Technique

Some new and some familiar exercises at the Barre and the final part of the Lacrimosa choreography.
One video is showing Adrian only, the other one has the grid view with all videos.


Saturday June 20th | Tanztheater Technique

Here is the video from today’s session with more explanations:


Saturday June 13th | Tanztheater Technique

I recorded the part of the Lacrimosa Choreography. The barre is in the video from last week.


Saturday June 6th | Tanztheater Technique (Update)

I recorded the new Tanztheater barre with two devices so you have the chance to learn it from two angles. 

Here is the video:

And the playlist again, starting from Tardes de Bolonha:

Saturday June 6th | Tanztheater Technique

Another great session, thanks so much for joining!

Here is the video of the new barre:

And finally the spotify link starting from ‚Tardes de Bolonha:

Saturday May  16th | Tanztheater Technique

Another great session, thanks so much for joining!

Here is the video of the group (from the second half of the class):

And here is the whole class with Adrian video pinned:

And finally the spotify links: