Fathers And Sons

Tanztheater Adrian Look
Fathers and Sons

FRI / 27 JAN / 8pm at The Place
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Fathers and Sons  evokes and explores the stories of sons who were without fathers during at least some of their childhood or teenage years. The piece will convey the emotional, psychological and practical consequences of the father’s leaving and absence for the child (and father), including the struggles, hopes and wishes. Using the tradition of German Tanztheater, we want to portray the impact of important relationships on identity and how some of our most  present relationships can be absent ones.
Photo by www.cristobalcatalan.com

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Tanztheater Adrian Look is a London based Dance Theatre Company with the artistic ambition of delivering excellence and innovation within dance theatre by extending the tradition of German Tanztheater. TAL is dedicated to beauty, credibility and depth by combining partner work, technical skill and emotionally expressive movement vocabulary.

Dancers: Songhay Toldon, Joshua Gill , Phoenix Chase-Meares, Richard Pye, Gösta Sträng
Thanks to The Place and our collaborators Cristobal Catalan (video and visuals), Santiago Martinez (light), Marie Yagami (costumes) Mark Mallabone and Becky Leslie (production, marketing)