Tanztheater Performance Group

11 April – 27 June (10 rehearsals + performance)
20.15 – 22.00 | Thursdays | Studio 4 at The Place

Reserve your spot under info@lookatmovement.co.uk if you are a new member of the group.

£ 120
As always, depending on the numbers, any surplus will go into the ‚Company Pot‘ for future production costs.

For existing members you can simply make the payment directly to:
Name: Adrian Look
BankLloyd’s Bank
Sort Code30-96-88
Account number33264468

We are hiring a studio at The Place again for this term. Please note that this course is not organised by The Place so you would pay us directly and please also address any questions to us directly via the email provided below.

Fee explained:
Minimum number of participants: 10
We treat this course as a non profit company which means that we use the money of the first 10 participants to cover the cost for studio hire and fixed choreographer fee but any additional money will be used to spend on props, simple stage design or creating relationships to venues so that we can perform the pieces we create in a venue like a theatre or site specific location in the future.

We aim to use a flat fee to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. If you want to pay in two instalments or require a reduced fee due to circumstances then please get in touch with us.

Please use this email address to reserve your spot and to arrange the payment: info@lookatmovement.co.uk

From our latest piece Knee-high to a grasshopper with wings

This term we aim to create a double bill with our two latest pieces Knee-high to a grasshopper with wings and Intertial Minds.

From our piece One Way Street